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This is necklace made up of a collection of antique silver Goddess pendants restrung on quartz and of antique silver beads with a back element on a chain which hangs beautifully down the back.
There are the Goddesses Durga and Kali in various poses. Durga is a warrior queen who slays demons in the battle to keep the cosmos at balance. Durga is universally beautiful. She rides on a lion into battle and holds many weapons with her many hands attached to her many arms. She is also on a horse in 3 other pendants
The central pendant is of Kali, a goddess of creative chaos; a sacred being that embodies that which can't be controlled or contained. Kali is also a dramatic expression of a mother's fierce, protective love for her children; the feminine power rising up to attack those who threaten her babies. Kali is the dark aspect of the goddess Durga, who is central to Hindu devotion. Although the goddess appears fierce she also converys passion and a desire to assist her followers on their path to spiritual enlightenment. The severed head that she holds represents the fragile human ego which she helps her devotees to transcend.
The ones on horseback are spirits who defend their communities each night.
A powerful and beautiful necklace. With hand tooled ancient (over 1000 years) quartz beads excavated in Mali and old silver beads.
Length 44 cms
Weight 157 grams

The necklace was designed by Rashantha Therese Devanson of Kadambari Jewels.

A powerful Indian Goddess necklace of antique elements Kadambari designer piece

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