A rare set of pendants originally used as headpiece decorataion for an Uzbek bride. The headpiece used to be the most important decoration for a bride in Cental Asia, especially ceremonial headgear, various strips and pendants which sometimes covered the whole face and hairstyle of the woman had a special protective meaning - to safeguard from the evil eye and dark intentions. The head wear was covered with pendants and jewellery.
Here is a larger pendant and two smaller ones with mother of pearl buttons. The larger is set with turquoise, carnelian and with dangles of coral beads, stamped silver leaves and glass dangles. Height of large pendant including dangles 20 cms. Height of main pendant body 4cms, width 6cms.
Smaller pendants height including dangles 12 cms

A rare 19th century set of Uzbek Bukhara silver turquoise, coral head ornaments