This beaded necklace is a collection of ancient bronze beads originally excavated in Djenne in Mali. These are not Dogon (tribal) beads as some have said, there are 'associated bronze and terra cotta sculptures which indicate that the beads may date to the late middle ages c1200 when Western Sudanese kingdoms flourished and cities such as Djenne and TImbuktu were important centres of learning and trade.'' (The History of Beads by Dubin pub T&H 1987)
They are a mixture of shapes, long beads and little bell shapes with one large bell shape, None of the bells have ringers. They have a wonderful green verdigris patina.

length of necklace 80cms 32 ins
Length of largest bell 7 cms 2 3/4 ins
weight 190 grams

Excavated ancient bronze beads with bell shapes Djenne