An exquisite and finely embroidered antique suzani on a red silk velvet ground. What is interesting about this is that the ground fabric is silk velvet therefore was a high status piece. The vividness of the red has faded with time. The design is just gorgeous. It still has a wonderful energy. Circular floral designs burst into the field, surrounded and entwined with leaf patterns. The borders consist of spinning flowers made of botehs. There is a running dog pattern in yellow in the the outer borders.
 The overall condition is good with wear and some tears on the ground fabric, please examine the photographs and contact me for more information - none of this distracts from the design and beauty of the piece. The chain stich embroidery is still all perfectly there. It is antique and has obviously been hung for many years. No fine silk can stay perfect under those conditions. The best way to appreciate and preserve this collectors item would be to have it framed under anti UV glass. It has a floral chinz lining. 

Hangings like this were an important part of social and commercial life from ancient times. They were used as wedding dowries, to decorate homes and wedding pavillions and as gifts for important visitors.   Both domestic and commercial workers would produce these suzanis, mainly women. An experienced designe