This is an elaborate man's kente cloth from Bonwire in Ghana, made in the 1950s, by master weavers. You just cannot find this fabulous quality of weaving now.
 This fine cloth is at the apex of a hierarchy of court and prestige dress. The best weavers competed to supply cloths that the monarch and senior royal figures would wear at royal festivals. This focus on royalty resulted in weavers refining their skills. Exceptional cloths like this  are disinguished by by small finely woven motifs, overall elaboration and variation of design.

Condition good with some wear

Material - rayon 

From Duncan Clarke - scholar and dealer of rare African textiles ''Some Asante kente was woven from cotton, a very few highly prized heirloom pieces are silk, but the majority are woven of rayon, which was adopted by Asante weavers as a substitute for silk soon after it became commercially available, at least by the 1930s/40s.''


Fine regal Ashante kente cloth from Bonwire 1950s