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A charming antique nielloed silver open cuff flared bracelet adorned with enameled filigreed appliques (azbeg) and a red glass stone. There has been a repair (shown in picture) and the glass is probably a newer replacement. These bracelets saw daily wear. They are often found split in the narrowest parts. The repair means the bracelet is sturdy and good to wear. Early 20th century. Jewish silversmithing.
Diameter just under 6cms, height at narrowest 3cms, at highest 6cms, weight 55 grams
Central Anti Atlas, Ida Ou Nadif. Book image from Berber Memories p369 Michel Draguet, Mercator Fonds, pub 2020

Flared silver bracelet cuff Central Anti Atlas Moroccan jewellery Ida Ou Nadif

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