Vintage/antique embroidered silk prayer cloth, early 20th C, made by the Hazara people of Afghanistan. Small embroidered cloths were embroidered by wives for use by husbands to protect the prayer stone for praying in Shia tradition. The triangular shapes are typical of Hazara embroidery. The cloth is hand loomed and embroidered on one side (see reverse). It is in very good condition.

Prayer stone cloth for Muslims in Afghanistan embroidered by the wife for her husband to take to the Mosque for use when they were kneeling and touching their forehead to the ground.

For Ceremony and Ritual
Local Name : mohr posh
Place Made : Asia: Central Asia, Afghanistan
People : Hazara
Dimensions :L 55 cm x W 58 cm
Materials :80 %Cotton; 20 % silk
Techniques :Plain woven; embroidered

Handwoven cotton & silk embroidered Hazara prayer cloth, circa 1920