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This superb example of this type of Omani necklace is made up of a double strand of spiky silver beads; high grade gold-wrapped beads; eight silver Maria Theresa thalers plus a large silver amulet box decorated with high grade gold sheet panels, with  chain tassels each of which finishes with a coral bead and a diamond-shaped end piece cut from sheet silver. The ends of the necklace are capped with classic long beads of wound silver wire, which are themselves excellent examples of Omani jewellery work. A collectors item. Weight 1041gms

The amulet box or hirz may have contained some paper with Koranic verses or something similar.

Such a spectacular display of wealth would only have been worn at times of important festivities such as those association with marriage celebrations. Some slight wear according to age and use.

Huge Omani necklace silver and gold Nizwa. Rare collectors piece

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