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Designed as part of a Baule (Ivory Coast)  theatrical tradition, known as "Mblo," that combines dramatic skits and solo dances, this mask is an idealized representation of a beautiful woman, a prominent member of the community for which it was sculpted. Its lustrous carved surfaces suggest healthy skin set off by a delicately textured coiffure and facial scarifications. Within Baule culture, Mblo portrait masks are appreciated as the most refined and long-standing form of artistic expression. While they may depict either men or women, such works were generally commissioned by a man to honor a female relative or created by a carver in homage to a particular woman's dance skills and beauty. Because of their importance, only the best dancers are eligible to wear portrait masks in performance. 

(Met Museum) 

This comes with stand

Height  w/o stand 25 cms/10 ins

Kapan mask, Baule Tribe, Ivory Coast. Beautiful woman

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