I have strung this wonderful old spirit lock on some rare shells from the Cook Islands but the lock is the one for sale. 
An estate find from a traveller in the 1970s  This is a very high quality and rare find. A large and fine Hmong spirit lock 3.5 inches wide weighing around 100 grams. 
A very high grade of almost pure silver.

This was written by the previous owner.
The Hmong look very Chinese and in fact legends show how their ancestors lived up near Tibet, Siberia and Mongolia. They had been in the Chinese area around the Yellow river some three thousand 3000 years ago.
They have been pushed south by famine and hostilities with some terrible trials from the Chinese in the 18th and 19th centuries (thousands of Hmong boys were castrated!)..big trouble for them in 1870..

They moved south  to Laos in Laos by 1850 and in Thailand from 1900.  I had stored this for 40 years hoping that one day the Hmong may want to know about their heritage. The quality of their silver making is extraordinary and very high grade silver.

Large antique Hmong or Hill Tribe spirit lock, hand hammered silver old piece