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A silver gilt (most of the gold has worn off) devotional pendant with hand drawn and coloured St Anthony and Child which has slipped down in the frame. It does not move, it seems to have settled there. There is no image on the reverse of the pendant. Most of the gilt has worn off, exposing the silver. The frame is typical of that period. There is slight loss of a leaf in the lower boss.  There is a similar shaped pendant in the Met with the twisted wire and the floral bosses circumventing the frame, see link below. Here there is a larger twisted wire with scalloped edges bordered by two smaller twisted wires, capped with bosses at four points. There is a bail to hang from.  From Spain or the ex Spanish colonies. Length 5 cms / 2 ins, Width 3.7cms. Weight 20 grams. The glass seems like a lead crystal. Of uncertain date.

Late 16th early 17th century Spanish devotional pendant in silver frame

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