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5 strands of Carnelian beads 26 brass bells 10 chank shells as the decorative enclosure and is 40 inches long. It weighs 1161 gms. It is heavy. This is a high status piece worn by only the wealthiest of Ao women who would  buy or trade such expensive carnelian beads. Carnelian was mined in Cambay in South Indian and traded to the Nagas hundreds of years ago. Only Ao women wore this shape of beads. Chank slice shells of this size were also distinctive of Ao women’s jewellery pieces.
The Naga tribes live mainly in villages. Family is the most important institution. Women are treated equally with men. Nagas are traditionally and tribally organized with a strong warrior tradition. Head hunting is an important aspect of the people. Most of the houses of the Nagas have skulls displaying their warrior qualities.

Naga headhunter tribe Ao necklace with shankh shells, carnelians, bone and brass

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