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This is a rare find, a finely decorated leather cushion with fine leather tassels. The cushion has some height to it as can be seen in the photos where I have photographed it upside down. The hand drawn patterns are geometrical and complex. It really is a masterful work and dates from mid 20th century. Women are traditionally responsable for crafting leather goods whilst the men focus on metalwork. This style of design comes from Mauritania. The cushion would have been a status symbol. The work on it is really super.
Length 75 cms
Width 28 cms
Height 8-10 cms
There are some minor marks but the piece is essentially sound in construction and usable. It looks particularly good perched on the back of a sofa with the tassels hanging down. It comes flat without stuffing and can be sewn.

Stunning Mauritanian Tuareg leather cushion vintage

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