A vibrant, elaborately colured fantastic floral design on a tan coloured suzani, possibly made by women at home. There would be a travelling designer who be summoned to draw designs onto the cloth which would then be followed by the embroiderers (often more than one member of the family would work on sections of the cloth). This is in two sections. One can still see the pen marks in places that were not embroidered over. And it is interesting to note that the drawn design was not followed slavishly. Improvisation gives these designs their charm too.
The design is wonderful and is a kind of dream-like garden. Gardens surrounded the cities and were places where women could enjoy the beauty of nature with family and friends. They were very much a Central Asian fashion in embroidery design.

This is from the Shahrisabs or Samarkand region, Sharisabz in Uzbekistan was where both urban and nomadic peoples would come to trade and work, they also share compositional and design elements. The naive verve of the design possibly owes much to the neighbouring rural and pastoralist peoples. 
 The tan coloured ground is a thick polished cotton possibly dyed with tea leaves and the embroidery thread is silk. It is not backed. This piece is truely a joy to behold and comes from a good collection.
In good condition with some very small staining and wear. Late 19th/early 20th century.
See p168 Silk and Cotton Textiles from the Central Asia That Was, Susan Meller, Abrams. Pub 2013
Also Uzbek Embroidery In The Nomadic Tradition. Kate FitzGibbon and Andew Hale Minneapolis Inst of Arts. Pub 2007 

 145cm x 112cm (57" x 44”)

Super antique Central Asian suzani with fantastic floral design

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