Hand woven and tailored from three different patterned indigo hand spun cotton thread strip weaves with a plain indigo in a lighter shade lining the shoulders and hem. This is a rare indigo garment worn by hunters and other senior men among a variety of ethnic groups including the Nago (Yoruba) and Cabrais in the forested Central and Northern regions of the Benin Republic and Togo. 

'Fourteen years or so ago there were quite a few of these around in Accra but more recently they have become rather scarce in acceptable condition and prices for rare unpatched and unstained examples as good as this have risen accordingly.' Duncan Clarke, authority on African textiles.

Condition: excellent. First half of C20th. Measures: approx. 43 inches x 57, 110cm x 145.

Vintage African INDIGO strip-weave mens prestige robe from Togo