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This is a fine dupioni type silk from Central Asia. It is comprised of seven long hand loomed narrow strips joined together 245 cms long 29 cms wide (making 203cms wide) joined together by machine stitch and then tie dyed afterwards. It would have been a highly prized product, possibly a wall hanging. It shows a sign of once having been backed and there are two small holes at one end which indicated that it was hung up, possibly for a wedding or special festival. Mid 20th century. There is also another small tear in the fabric 1cm near the edge

This kind of product could be given as a valuable gift that showed the staus of the both the giver and the reciever in Uzbek society. The best quality silk from locally grown Chinese silk worms fed on Mulbery leaves. Gifts of garments and silk would be given at a wedding which would last the couple the rest of their lives. It was an important kind of currency, kept and stored for many years.

It could be used now as a hanging or a throw or to make garments. There is some colour disturbance (see photo on bed) and wear due to age. But it is largely in great condition is soft, shiney and strong and is clean.
L 245 
W 203

Vintage green tie dye dupioni silk hanging Uzbek Central Asian

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