This is a coat in beautiful condition. Shiny raw silk woven with cotton lined with Russian roller printed chintz cotton and with a strip of polished silk/cotton ikat on the interior borders. The sleeves are made extra long on purpose. It is the style of the robe, which was originally a mans robe. This is a warm robe and would have been worn in the colder months. It is in absolutely perfect condition. Only very minor colour run into the lining.

The purple of the coat has a lovely sheen, made by polishing the textile (pre-treated with starch and/or egg white) with glass or stone polishing heads, which makes it a very rich and lustrous fabric.  These kinds of coats were worn by all classes of people in the Khivan oasis from at least the mid 19th century and were called ALACHA. It was most probably made in Khiva.  The last polished alacha was made in 1941. This one is in pristine condition which shows that it has probably been stored for a long time. Garments were used as gifts and offerings. It is meticulously hand stitched with ties across the chest that have small tassells on the ends.

Model is 5'6'' tall
Shoulder width  to 20 inches
length 49 ins

Vintage Purple silk and cotton striped Uzbek robe BEKASAB/ALACHA. large size. Pe

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