The Waziri shawls are woven and worn by the Wazir, a Pashtun tribe from Waziristan, a tribal area of the northern western border of modern day Pakistan. Waziristan is a mountainous region which is severely geographically and culturally isolated. These old textiles are often family heirlooms.
This rare collectable shawl is of handloomed indigo dyed cotton featuring pink silk in the boldly colored striped border details and along the entire length either side. There are almost imperceptable triangle motifs woven into the light coloured stripes. The triangle is a protective symbol. The shawl is in fantastic condition with some minor wear at the pink silk edges but is essentially perfect (see photos). It was worn folded over with colourful stitching joining the two sides.
This would also make a fantastic throw.

Size L227cms/89 ins
W two halves of 84 cms/33ins joined to make a total width of 168cms/66ins

Vintage Waziri man's shawl Waziristan cotton and silk