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Asian Ethnic Tribal Textiles

Cordelia Donohoe

From a background as an artist and filmmaker I changed career in 2013 to follow my parents footsteps as a dealer. It is ethnic and tribal cultures that fascinate me. Techniques and traditions that get underappreciated in this age of mass production. My business is also about being a conduit between my largely Western customers and other more mysterious cultures which in these turbulent times, matters so much.

Based in London, UK, I deal in antique and vintage ethnic and tribal items - textiles, jewellery and objects, from Africa, Asia and the Middle East but I am growing more widespread in my areas of interest, particularly textiles. I seek out rare and special items as I learn more, find intriguing items and confer with collectors and historians. You can be sure that the items on this site are genuine.


All tribal, folk or traditional items are of interest. I can easily be reached by the contact form here or Facebook to discuss any aspect of my collection or yours. 

Welcome to this incredible journey!

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